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S P Convent Inter College

S P Convent Inter College


S P Convent Inter College is a truly world class day, co-ed school with a sprawling campus, housing all facilities that a modern day school can offer.
A school that believes in innovative teaching strategies just as much as in building a solid foundation, guided by a highly qualified and dedicated staff who understand their role as that of a catalyst to facilitate the rapid and sustainable growth of each and every bright young talent who is a student of this school.


The classrooms are equipped with boards, Robotics and Science kits all which make academics fun and interesting.

 Jolly phonics, Show & Tell, Learning by Storytelling, JodoGyan, Interdisciplinary teaching and multi-cultural atmosphere have been beautifully integrated in the school system.

  The school also offers a State-of-the-Art day & night sports complex, providing professional training in a multitude of sports like cricket, football and volleyball . The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance to ensure safety of its students. The school also houses a medical professional in collaboration with a renowned hospital.

  S P Convent Inter College offers a well-equipped library and laboratories not only for science but also for subjects like math & language.
Striving to provide an environment where a child is happy to express himself with complete confidence, learning important values like caring and sharing, taking initiative, and shouldering responsibility- thus preparing leaders for the future.

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