Affiliated to: CBSE(New Delhi), Affiliation No.: 2132751

Tel: 9415616021 / 7398252830

Located at: Sahajpuram Chak Mundera Prayagraj

Welcome to S P convent inter college, a centre of excellence and quality education. The core philosophy of S P convent inter college is its endeavour to instill a value system in each individual, so as to help him withstand all the tests of time. We believe that true education is training of both the head & the heart. Academic excellence is desirable but inculcating good values is the essence of education.

School Administration

We have a team of management and staff who care, act professionally, are qualified and dedicated to guide your child towards better performance. The school management is a well structured team that ensures efficient provision of services to all stake-holders in the school community.

Our Motto:

Become a Better You!

Our Mission Statement:

To provide high quality and relevant education towards spiritual, physical and social development in order to produce competent, reliable and individuals of integrity.

Our Vision

To be the centre of academic excellence and role model in high moral values where students learn to lead and serve the community.

Our Goals:

All students of S P convent Inter College succeed at each level and graduate as well prepared for a variety of post primary pursuits in our Indian Society.

  • We will ensure all students reach or exceed individual learning goals aligned with national standards and higher education level requirements.
  • Engage parents and the community in supporting high levels of students achievements.
  • Align all the school's resources to achieve academic excellence for all students by educating hearts and minds.
  • Ensure that we have the right infrastructure, able management, staff and proper planning.
  • In S P Convent Inter College you will find:

  • A safe, secure & student friendly learning environment.
  • Qualified, dedicated loving teachers.
  • Award winning academics
  • Champions in extra curricular activities
  • Learning environment free of drugs, violence & gangs.
  • A balanced & meaningful currriculum, which encourage students to be active, independent and self-motivated.
    • S P convent inter college
      SahajPuram, Chak Mundera Prayagraj
      Tel: 9415616021 / 7398252830